Practiced + Mastery: What is the Learning Dashboard system?


Exercises on the the earning Dashboard are in one of the following states.

The starting point for an exercise is “Needs Practice.”

Details on mastery challenges

Learners "level up" and achieve mastery by answering problems correctly during mastery challenges.

Mastery Challenges combine problems from multiple skills the learner has practiced. Because the skills are mixed, learners can’t simply match patterns from one problem to the next. Instead, they must determine on their own which skill to use for each problem.

For example, let’s say that Karina practices 4-digit addition with carrying today. As soon as she gets 5 right in a row, her progress level on this skill changes from “Needs Practice” to “Practiced.” The next day, she will be able to see that skill in a mastery challenge. If she answers a problem on this skill correctly (in the midst of other types of problems), her progress level rises. Because we want to see whether Karina is retaining this knowledge over time, the site asks her to wait about a day before seeing that skill in a mastery challenge. To reach mastery, she must retain the skill over at least three days, answering problems on that skill correctly in three separate mastery challenges.