How can I help volunteer?

Thank you for your support!  There are a few ways we would love to have you help:

1. Spread the word!

Share your enthusiasm for Khan Academy with others.  Encourage others to try out Khan Academy either as a learner or a coach.  Or if you're passionate about coaching, start coaching a few folks!

Included below is sample text for ideas to start. Personalize however you like.

Sample social network messages:

Share on twitter / facebook / Edmodo

The best things in life are free: #lovetolearn

If this doesn’t blow your mind, you have no emotion:


Add an Email Footer

Tell your friends about Khan Academy every time you send an email by adding a short message in your email footer. Some ideas:


Sample email

Subject: The thing that will change your life as you know it


Hi there,

I used to hate learning, but Khan Academy ( changed my mind. This nonprofit provides learning resources totally for free that I have been using a lot to study!  However, it’s a learning resource for anyone - whether you’re in school, a lifelong learner, or helping someone else to learn.  Because of Khan Academy, I now love learning.  


I don’t usually email people like this, but I’m so excited about it, just had to share it. Check it out now at

Happy learning!


Materials for sharing

Feel free to print or email these free posters and flyers/guides - you have our full permission to distribute widely!

Also, if you’re looking for other giveaways, you can buy stickers directly from the manufacturer (enter the quantity to see pricing).  Pass them out to friends, or be inspired to decorate!

Resources that might be helpful include
Printable guides and resources to share
Teacher / coach resources: Lots of information about how to use Khan Academy in a class or larger group setting

Keep up with the latest developments at Khan Academy!
Our general blog
- Twitter: @khanacademy@lifeatka

2. Shape our online community:

We always appreciate folks helping to monitor the community questions posted on our site (e.g. up/down voting comments under any video) and providing answers (and flagging inappropriate comments) where possible.  

3. Host an event

The best part of Khan Academy is the community that grows from learning together.  Share the joy of learning together by hosting or attending an event. Check out the ideas below to inspire your own group!

Chew on this

Bring friends together, share your favorite snacks*, and introduce them to Khan Academy. If the weather's nice, host it outdoors!  If it’s successful, turn it into a regular learning club and pick a new lesson or topic to explore together on Khan Academy.  

*Variants: replace “snacks” with “dinner” or “coffee” or “dessert”...or pretty much any food.  You might say, it’s a learning club with an eating emphasis.


Book Club

Love to read? Encourage your friends to read a book on education and then gather together to share your learnings! Sal’s book, One World Schoolhouse, is perfect to start with.


Love to Learn club

Schedule a regular meeting time. Invite folks who want to learn. Pick a new skill or topic to learn together. Share notes and tips.  Enjoy!

Variant: Volunteer at your local library or community center and share Khan Academy as a helpful supplemental resource.  Or if there isn’t a program, start a Love to Learn club at a local community space.


Coaching meet-ups

Know someone in your life or community who might benefit from Khan Academy? Support their progress by signing up for a KA account, and then having them add you as their coach


4. Share Khan Academy globally

You can subtitle in any language of the world. If you are motivated to contribute, CLICK HERE!  We also encourage folks to run translate-a-thons to get your community ramped up and involved.

5. Share your story!

It's inspiring for us to hear how Khan Academy has touched lives.  Check out our stories page to see and hear from others.  We especially like videos ;) 

6. Tell friends about painless donations

Hi there - Check out a free program called AmazonSmile where 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases on Amazon will be donated to a great non-profit - Khan Academy. The prices are the same, and you help provide a free, world-class education for the world at the same time!

Just go to and it’s automatically taken care of.   If you don’t use Amazon, never fear - Khan Academy also appreciates lots of other types of  donations. ‚Äč

Visit the Khan Academy contribute page for more on volunteer opportunities.