Is Khan Academy available in other languages?

Yes! We released a fully internationalized Spanish site in September 2013, and hope to expand to other languages quickly. If you'd like to begin translating the Khan Academy site into other languages, visit our getting started guide.

Khan Academy videos have also been translated into many of the world's most popular languages. In the footer (at the bottom) of the Khan Academy site, you can select the language of your choice. Dubbed videos in the world's top spoken languages can be found. Translated content is largely made possible by our wonderful volunteer community.  

We are continuing to make the video content available in other languages. Subtitled video content is also available and can be surfaced by selecting the subtitles option just below an English video to see which languages are available. You can also use the filtering tool available at to view videos that have been subtitled in a particular language (click "Full List" if you'd like to see more tool functionality).

This effort is largely volunteer driven, in addition to significant partnerships with organizations such Intel (Spanish and Portuguese), the Azim Premji Foundation (languages of India), the Lemann Foundation, and the Carlos Slim Foundation. We are always looking for additional organizations and individuals who would like to make Khan Academy more widely available.

To join the translation effort, please visit for more details and for a full list of languages.


Links to a few Khan Academy sites in other languages...