Are you essentially "flipping the classroom" when using Khan Academy?

Flipping the classroom is just one way Khan Academy can be used in classrooms, with teachers assigning a video for homework and students working on problems during class time. 
While there may be many wonderful ways to use the "flipped classroom" model with Khan Academy, we are not trying to create "flipped classrooms" that require all students to progress at the same pace, with everyone watching the same videos on the same day. vision is to provide self-paced, individualized and mastery-based learning to students.  This means students should watch videos and work on our assessment exercises at their own pace.  Some students may race ahead, while others remediate prior topics. Teachers use a detailed dashboard to identify each student's needs and determine what activities to do in the classroom to meet those needs. 

Learning is meant to be personalized, mastery-based and interactive.

  • Personalized to meet the unique needs of each student
  • Focused on mastery to build strong foundational understanding of concepts
  • Interactive and exploratory to encourage applied learning and projects
  • The key to unlocking this potential is real-time DATA in tandem with rich content and your coaching.
For more about the various ways to use Khan Academy in the classroom, check out our Coach Resources section.