Trademark and Brand Usage Policy

Khan Academy appreciates public support for, and interest in, its mission and services.  Because the reputation underlying its brands and trademarks is extremely important, Khan Academy must take certain steps to protect these marks and materials. Khan Academy offers the following guidelines for those who wish to use or reference Khan Academy’s Trademarks or materials.

The KHAN ACADEMY® word mark, SM design logo, and SM design logo are trademarks of Khan Academy, Inc.  Khan Academy materials include but are not limited to its website and videos.  Use or usage includes but is not limited to other websites, mobile websites, devices, portals, apps, as well as the API.   

You may use Khan Academy Trademarks or materials subject to the guidelines below and in accordance with Khan Academy’s general terms and conditions located at:

If you have any questions regarding these policies, email

Permitted Use of Marks

You may make fair use of the KHAN ACADEMY® word mark to make true, factual statements about Khan Academy or to discuss or critique Khan Academy.  Permissible fair uses of the KHAN ACADEMY® word mark include accurate statements such as:
·        The linked KHAN ACADEMY® video lecture explains . . . ; and
·        The KHAN ACADEMY® website is located at:

Prohibited Use of Marks

Unless you have explicit written permission to do so, you should NOT:
  • Display or otherwise use the Khan Academy Trademarks in a manner likely to lead others to believe that you are in any way associated with, endorsed by, or affiliated with Khan Academy. 
  • Stretch, distort, alter, rearrange, recolor, combine or otherwise manipulate Khan Academy design logos or the KHAN ACADEMY® word mark.
  • In any way state or imply that Khan Academy produces, endorses, or supports you or any of your products or services. 
  • Display any Khan Academy Trademarks in connection with your own trademarks.
  • Use Khan Academy Trademarks in the naming or promotion of an app or other service,  nor may organizations combine their brands with Khan Academy’ to create a new brand (e.g., "Khan EduCo Academy"). Instead use the following language: "Viewer for Khan Academy".  This makes it clear that the offering is not from nor supported by Khan Academy.


Permitted Use of Materials

An organization may provide a link to the site or a page starting with  An organization may also embed a video into a site, with the linking URL via Khan Academy’s embeddable player. Usage of materials must adhere to our Creative Commons (CC-by-NC-SA) Licensing and Terms of Service, in particular the attribution and non-commercial clauses.
Attribution: Per our license, you must attribute the material back to Khan Academy, but not in any way that suggests that Khan Academy directly endorses you or your use of the materials. Please include a link to and the verbiage "NOTE: All Khan Academy content is available for free at".  Where Khan Academy materials are incorporated into a service that requires login for the service, notification must be provided PRIOR to login that all Khan Academy materials are available for free at

Non-commercial: Khan Academy defines “non-commercial” as any use that is not directly intended to generate sales or profits for the user. (Advertisements on a website are considered commercial.   It is also considered commercial for a third-party to use Khan Academy in advertising or marketing for their services or products.)
  • As an example, the use by a for-profit corporation of our content for internal professional development and/or training of its employees is “non-commercial” as long as that corporation does not charge its employees for such use.
  • As another example, the use by an organization that is incorporating our content in a paid offering is NOT "non-commercial"
  • For mobile apps or other similar use cases, the title and/or description should clearly indicate it is unofficial; if there is a "contact us” section, the developer(s) should be listed for technical issues.

Prohibited Use of Materials

You agree not to link or embed Khan Academy’s site or materials in any manner such that the site or materials are “framed,” surrounded or obfuscated by any third party content, materials or branding (e.g., banner ads or putting Khan Academy materials behind a paid login wall is commercial). We may require that any link to or embedding of Khan Academy materials be discontinued, and may revoke your right to link to the Sites from any other web site at any time.